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How 4 or 8 day rentals work

Our rentals are perfect for borrowing an item for a particular occasion to complete that look and get heads turning! You can choose to borrow and item from the vault for either a 4 - or - 8 day rental period.

We recommend starting your rental period at least 1-2 days before your event to make sure it arrives on time.

Check the item/s out the moment you receive it. Contact us if something is damaged or not quite right.

And just be sure to return on the last date of your rental.

If you need a custom rental period please contact us at service@stylevault.com.au

Where do you ship?

We ship Australia wide! We are located in Sydney so whilst we do ship via Express courier and express post, please take into consideration at least two days for transit if you are interstate. If you're unsure if the item will arrive in time - please email us at service@stylevault.com.au before making the booking.

I don't have a drivers license, can I still borrow your items?

We request a copy of your drivers' license during the booking process to confirm the age of the person booking the item (you need to be over 18) and for verification purposes - we want to make sure its really you borrowing the item and that the shipping address matches etc. etc. we only keep this information to verify for your first order and then the details are deleted from our system.

If you are over 18 and don't have a drivers license, you can use a proof of age card or a passport in conjunction with a utility bill to verify your address.

Wearing and caring for the item

Make it the last thing you put on before you leave and the first thing you take off when you get home.

Things like hair spray, setting spray, perfume, and foundation, they can affect the shine and the precious metals. We don't want any of that to dull your look or damage these gorgeous items.

If you think you have gotten something on your item don't panic! Just flick us an email as soon as you notice it and we can tell you what to do before its returned to us :-)

Item arrived damaged

Please check out the items as soon as you receive your order!

If the item you rented has arrived to you damaged get in contact with us within 12 hours of receipt of delivery. The sooner you get on to us the faster we can sort out a solution like getting you a replacement item.

So give us a call, email us a picture and send the item back as soon as possible so we can get onto it for repairs.

An item is missing from my rental order

If you're missing part of your order please review the delivery details of your order to confirm if there is more than one tracking number. But if one or more items still did not arrive in your shipment, please contact us so we can get right on to it.

My booking became unavailable

In the unlikely event an item you organised to rent becomes unavailable we will contact you as soon as we are aware and we will do what we can to organise a replacement item for you.

The reasons an item may become unavailable could be because the item was returned late or it did not pass our quality checks.

Returning an item

Returns are free and super simple!

Just place the item/s back in the provided packaging the way it came and stick on the provided pre-paid return label.

When packaging back up just make sure the items are placed well in the safety foam so they won't rub up against each other, and seal that outer package box nice and tight.

No need to clean the items as we will get all that done when we get it back.

When that items are packed up and sealed ready to go grab those return labels provided and stick those on dropping that package off to your nearest Post Office on your last day of rental.

Renting via All The Dresses

If your booking was placed through All The Dresses, a dress hire marketplace we partner with, the terms agreed on their website when you checked out will apply.

You should check your order confirmation email or visit their website for terms & conditions rather than reading the terms on this page.

Damaged or lost items

Your rental fee includes cleaning and general wear and tear.

However, in the event of significant damage, lost items and theft you will be charged up to the full value of the item listed on the product page. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

The item I want is unavailable

Items are in and out and on the go.

It's a shame to say - but when something is unavailable on the dates your after - the item you want has either already been rented, or its in for cleaning or being reviewed.

If you are in love with an item and want to double check its status give us a call or send us an email.

How do you care for and sanitize the items?

Care and maintenance of the items is of the utmost importance to us to ensure they are super clean and hygienic for you to wear them and so they have the longest life for others to enjoy! And after the experience of the last two years (yes we are talking about C@>!D...)we want to keep all kinds of germs at bay!

When the Items are returned to us they undergo UV sterilisation which is proven to kill all kinds of nasty bacteria.

We then thoroughly inspect the items to reconfirm authenticity, check for damage, wear and tear and action as required.

Some of our jewellery is then cleaned via our ultrasonic cleaner to ensure that sparkle is at its brightest or the item is carefully brushed and polished - depending on the type of item.

Everything is then stored in our moisture-free cases ready for the next hire!

How do you measure a belt size

To measure our belts, we take the measurements from the belt buckle (the base of the prong that goes in the hole) to the holes at the other end of the belt.

This measurement should then equate to the exact measurement around your waist or hips depending on where you want to wear your belt.

If you need further information about the size and fit or how to style our belts, email us at service@stylevault.com.au

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